This is a blog about music videos and the hidden messages behind them.  I give my opinion by critically reading the text.  This blog shows how the music differs from the real message in what’s shown visually.  There are many hidden features that are in music videos that are often missed but are there to subconsciously affect behavior and attitudes towards the agenda of the producer.  I explain in clear view with research how the images, symbols and color schemes are placed in a unique way to show something totally different from what is being said in the music video.  This blog helps the viewer to think critically when watching music videos and gives them the opportunity to interpret the video in their own eyes.  This site will open and expand your mind into how you view these music videos from now on.

I am currently a student at Full Sail University where I study Audio Production.  My influence of music comes from watching videos because it brings the song to life in my opinion.  I also am the Director of Marketing and Promotions for Splash Jam South.  I compose my own productions and have my own sound when it comes to producing different genres of music.



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